Wednesday, March 30, 2005
If I only know how to program, I won’t really be a parasite!

I really hate counting on other people’s work. I know I can make things work on my own little way, but this time I really have no choice but to be one of the class’ parasites. I hate the term, and I hate to admit that I’m now one of them. However, I’ve this question in my mind. Is a parasite a parasite if only once in a person’s life he’s tried counting on other people? I admit that I unfavourably hold onto my classmate’s work, though it’s a group work and I know that only one person in the group would really rise and will make the group’s work complete and precise. Right!? Yes, right I believe! And I still believe that I’m not becoming a class’ parasite. Ü Hihi! Ü

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