Wednesday, December 19, 2007
I could say that my HK family trip was a perfect one aside from my irritating back pain, which I encountered as I wondered one of the places Walt has established, Disneyland.

Of course, fashion should come first. The bag that I used, which was a faux Birkin bag (Estee Lauder, which is often mistaken as Hermes Birkin because of the color and somewhat the texture), was a little heavy. Aside from bringing Stephenie Meyer with me, I also brought my Starbucks planner, which I find really unnecessary to carry since I won’t be able to enjoy Disneyland. Bringing those things with me was a really big mistake. I should’ve left them in the hotel.

Oh well, I guess a happy trip won’t be a happy one unless there’s a sacrifice or an unfortunate event. And unfortunately, I believe in the balance of luck. Hello, Lindsay!?

My first JUN-JUN (jun-jun "term adopted from supercow") encounter was when we were riding a tram from Western part of HK to Central. Sayang di ako nakapagpa photo-op! This is what I can only show you:

You can see the awkwardness manifesting on my face. It was really uncomfortable for me to take photos inside the tram especially when you see all these chinky-eyed people staring at you.

Jun-Jun number 1 kept on looking at me up ‘til the time he reached his destination. I believe he's a student. He's wearing a white long sleeved polo with red tie.

It's really nice to study in HK. You get to wear two uniforms, one for summer and one for winter. Fun no?

I know, I know! Assuming is not good ‘coz most of the time when I assume my supposed good event is jinxed.

I encountered Jun-Jun number 2 inside a mini shuttle we rode from Jordan Night Market to Mongkok.

You can tell that the shots of every Jun-Jun I saw weren’t that nice. I have a profile without the face and #2’s back.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the 3rd Jun-Jun whom I bumped into when I was heading to the boarding gate. He was a tall white guy. It was a little weird ‘coz I heard him say, “cute boy.” Again, I am uncertain if the statement was for me.

Well at least, I enjoyed the family trip! ;*
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