Monday, October 31, 2005
More, more fun!
Rain, Red Box, and Gloria Jean’s

I had a very precious night out with my eldest brother, Giles. It’s very usual for him to ask me to party, however; I usually turn him down. What am I thinking saying no to him? I’m going out. I’ll be having fun! The only answer when he asks me to go with him is YES!

Last night, it’s like raining cats and dogs. The thought of refusing to my brother irks me again. I dunno, I’m really the stubborn type of person. My friends use to hate that part of my personality. Hopefully in time I could change that attitude.

We went off at around 8 o’clock. My brother told me that he’s meeting his friend, Jason. Since I know that his friend is only few blocks away I didn’t bother say something that might annoy him.

We arrived at Red Box seeing Pam and her boyfriend, Arvin, sing the karaoke. At first, I was so shy to mingle with them, but after several songs and after hitting the buffet, I feel like showing my real side. The real Hans also known as the wayward-slash-comic-
slash-daring-slash-juvenile-delinquent guy.

Giff arrived several minutes after we did.

The experience was totally fun! We even tried painting our faces.

What a nice way to celebrate Halloween!

We left Red Box at 12am. Then we headed to Gloria Jean’s for some morning coffee and chitchat. We ended up leaving the place at 4am.

Going out with my brother and his friends is definitely pleasant. The next time Giles asks me to go with him there will be no hesitations for me. I’ll absolutely come with him.

Love The Photos! <3

Thanks to Pam Pastor for the great treat!

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