Wednesday, March 30, 2005
The Vision of my Possession

In time I wouldn’t depend on my parents anymore. I might consider seeing myself to be raised by my own. With all that, I still am not sure what might happen to me in the future. I might be one of the richest people who consider themselves to be the luckiest yet not having a pleasing life or just a plain and simple countryman. I might be the impeccable person all of the world would love to have or the ruthless one who just loves to be nasty and play foolish of other people. Or I might just end being the person I want to be. Before talking about myself in the future, I just want to elaborate the key in what the esteemed people have considering their wealth and the trust of the people around them. What do you think Bill Gates has that’s why he’s got the billion of dollars in his hand? How bout J.K. Rowling’s top grosser book Harry Potter and Michael Crichton’s non-aging story, the Jurassic Park. Also my icon who’s been the greatest talk show host in the history, Oprah Winfrey? This is, I may say, their will to succeed. And before exhibiting their will, they first must have the so called “self-confidence” in which we should all have to grasp the things we want particularly the highest level of our achievement. Furthermore, self-confidence is an attitude, which allows an individual to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. It is which people trust their own abilities, have a general sense of control of their lives, and believe that, within reason they will be able to do what they desire, prepare, and expect. Thus, comprising self-confidence does not mean that an individual can do everything he wants to. It is only that self-confident people have expectations that are realistic. Even when some of their expectations are not met, they continue to be positive and to accept themselves. Motivating yourself to be self-confident is the first factor of achieving things that leads to your satisfaction. On my behalf, I myself has not yet attained self-confidence in doing mortifying things that I know I should outdo to be successful. I believe that it may take time to mold ones self-confidence, but it doesn’t mean that if you’re in your middle age, and you still are not that self-confident, you won’t get the said self-confidence. It is somehow that you’re still not exposed to the affairs that might boost up your self-confidence. In time you might just see yourself stepping forward being praised by people that didn’t believe in your capabilities. To that, you could tell them that you could also do things that they could do. And by some means you possibly will scream on the face of the person who didn’t believe on what extent you could do things. Herewith, you could have helped a lot of people surrounding you.

Well anyway, enough of those flowery points of view coming from me. Let’s just focus on my future. In the mean time, I just want to enumerate things that I want to have someday. Sooner or later, I would be having my own car. I would be working in a well-known company, which I am dreaming of. After two or three years of contract, I would be flying abroad for my own good. There, because of the money I earned and saved, I would be putting up a clothing store in which I would name after my middle name and surname, Angeles-Aquino Co. It would be best if it were shorten, the “AA Co.” If indeed my business would be radiant, I would consider constructing other shops of different fields. Including my 10-hectare mansion and other extravagant belongings. In contrary with what I said earlier which I told that I might be rich but lonely, I wouldn’t because I will assure you that I would be with my family and friends. I may not consider myself having a wife and a child or two; nevertheless, I would still look for alternatives that would make a person like me to be happy. Nothing would make me happier than having my family and friends with me and sharing my wealth with every person I love! This is the only aspect I would like to best achieve. Without my loved ones, I should consider my achievements worthless because they are the only reason why I am working things out. I know that sharing things to others might be hard for some people, but to me, it’s just the only way of reconciliation with God for the worst things I’ve done in life. I may say that this future of mine I am talking about is so far from reality. But who knows!? I might be one of the richest and well-known persons living in the future. And besides all those riches, I would still manage to look back from where I’ve been! Ü
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At long last, I’ve swum the pool again! T’was years ago, I was only 14 or 15 that time, I think, when I went swimming in a pool full of chlorine. That time, I went swimming with my family, but this time it was my friends and I who rented a hotel in Villa Christina. It really feels good when you go swimming with your friends. At first, I was really not sure if I was going to enjoy my outing because out of ten in my group of friends, only three were sure to join I was one of those three. Though, in those ten people in the group of friends I have, four are the closest to me. Meaning, even though the other five people in the group weren’t able to come, I will surely enjoy the outing since the two in the four closest friends of mine will join, namely Adrianne and Joe.

Anyway, the outing turned out really fantastic! We came at the hotel at around 5 in the afternoon. I was really ecstatic since I was with my close friends in a very beautiful hotel. The hotel is overlooking Manila! What a great view our room has! We had a very pleasant time in the resort. But when the time came that we’re all sleepy, paranoia struck Adrianne’s mind. He recalled what happened to his trip to Baguio, it was really horrible since he’s lost almost a hundred thousand because the transient they rented was robbed during their stay. And because of that recollection both Joe and I really freaked out. We thought many unbelievable things that might happen to us that night. I was really exhausted that time that’s why I was the first to fall asleep. Though we slept a little late, we really enjoyed the night. The next day, we woke up an hour and a half before we check out the hotel that’s why we ate our lunch and rushed ourselves in the bathroom to change for our swimming attire. After swimming, we head to our hotel for us to ready ourselves to depart. We really enjoyed our 2-day vacation in the Villa Christina Hotel. I’m really looking forward for another outing since summer has only begun.

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If I only know how to program, I won’t really be a parasite!

I really hate counting on other people’s work. I know I can make things work on my own little way, but this time I really have no choice but to be one of the class’ parasites. I hate the term, and I hate to admit that I’m now one of them. However, I’ve this question in my mind. Is a parasite a parasite if only once in a person’s life he’s tried counting on other people? I admit that I unfavourably hold onto my classmate’s work, though it’s a group work and I know that only one person in the group would really rise and will make the group’s work complete and precise. Right!? Yes, right I believe! And I still believe that I’m not becoming a class’ parasite. Ü Hihi! Ü

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