Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I once shared with a friend the column I read in a magazine. The topic of the column was all about “INGGITERA”! I remember when my brother used to call me INGGY short for inggitera and I used to call him FEELER short for feelingera. We used to fool around calling each other those words, but I never imagined myself being an inggitera. However, when I read the column, I realized many things. Things about myself and my friends, I’m talking about the close friends I consider. I realized that everyone seems to have inggit in him/her. When I went over the column, a line really struck me. The line goes, “People who try to beat others all the time are attempting to bolster their self-image.” I then realized that I don’t look really bad. In fact I feel good about my appearance. That’s why I asked myself if I really need to boost my self-image. I then answered myself back that I look great and that I shouldn’t consider envying other people. After questioning myself about the inggitera thingy I then continued reading the article until I got over with it.

There are many envy examples shown in the article. The first was the material envy. The material envy talks about keeping up with the Joneses. It purely speaks about envying someone because s/he has the latest cell phone, designer clothing and shoes. With these latest thingamajigs, someone would really envy you. It’s pathetic though it’s true. The word’s not really pathetic but somewhat materialistic. The second envy example is the love envy. It’s really easy how to define the love envy because it’s the second most common desire all people have. When you speak of love envy, you talk of envying a close friend. You envy a close friend because someone is getting close to him/her. Although you know that you are happy for him/her, you just can’t take it that you have no one courting or getting close to you. The third envy example is the status envy, which speaks of envying someone because s/he is earning a lot higher than you are. The fourth envy example is the career envy. You are career envy when you study hard yet your friend’s the one gaining the reward of the higher remarks. Another is when you spend more than eight hours working, however, your co-worker got the promotion. The last envy example is the body envy. All people want nice body. For girls, the slimmer, the prettier. For guys, the bigger the body, the better. When you dislike your body, you, basically, figure out how to make your body more attractive. At this point, envious people tend to compare their bodies with other people. Here comes the INGGITERA reaction to a friend who’s physically fit and beautiful.

Being inggitera is really not that bad. It becomes truly bad when you tend to do something really horrible out of envy. An instance is, back stabbing someone. Someone who’s rewarded because s/he worked very hard. Another is, sarcastically suggesting a friend something that s/he might want but is really undecided. Your suggestion with the sarcastic intonation of voice will really annoy him/her and in time, s/he might just stop asking suggestions from you.

Anyway, the article implies that being such a big fan of inggit will not do you any good. Instead of being inggitera, try to be inspired of the person you get envy with. Try to look at him/her as a model not as a bad character in your book called life. Ü

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