Friday, October 28, 2005
The Five People You Meet in Heaven, only five?, I just love Hi5!
The Five People You Meet in Heaven, only five?

It’s twelve midnight and I’m still online! I wanna blog! It’s been, I think, three days after my last update.

Well anyway, I finished reading the book, the Five People You Meet in Heaven, a couple of days ago. It’s like I read the whole book for a day. I was so hooked on to it that I even failed to eat my lunch on time. It was “the best” book I ever read aside from, of course, Sophie Kinsella’s!

The lessons and the twists are totally astounding.

I won’t narrate the story. If I try spoiling, you might not appreciate the book. You better read it because it’s really worth your time.

I wonder if I’ll only meet 5 people when I die.

I think I’ll definitely meet my favourite grandfather, Nestor, and my dog, ShinChan (are pets allowed in heaven? Uhmm… I think so). I really can’t think of other people whom I’ll meet after my years here on earth.

If given the chance to meet other people, I wish to meet…uhmmm…Marilyn Monroe and ask why she killed herself, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez…uhmmm…I’ll ask her if she ever hated being in TLC, John F. Kennedy, Jr., I’ll ask him if he’s still seeing Princess Diana, Princess Diana, instead of asking her I’ll just tell her how unfortunate she was that she’s not seen her boys grow and mature as very gorgeous adolescents, and the last person would be Beyonce Knowles…uhmmm…I’ll just ask for an autograph! I bet Beyonce’s going to die before me. Hahaha! Bah! <3


Hi5 is one of the greatest online communities. It offers a global bond to the users, a bond that might be called friendship or something more than friendship.

Here is where I meet cute people like raf!

Anyhoo, here are some reasons why I so LOVE Hi5:

The endless photo comments to love

The endless friend requests to approve

The endless messages to care for

The endless testimonials to make me smile

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