Monday, February 11, 2008
I just can’t comprehend!
I haven’t blogged for weeks now since I’m totally focused on working with my thesis mates! I really mean it when I say, “I’m working with my thesis mates.” We so want to march after this semester.

Well, there are many things which diminished my comprehension– some of these things are the most ecstatic and blatantly, some are just the saddest.

For the past weeks, I was able to bring back the “Saturday night out ritual of the gang.” We we’re able to have our dinner together, we we’re able to hang out, order blizzard and match it with coffee.

Watching movies is not a typical thing for us to do, but for some strange reasons, my friends and I decided to watch an Indie film. It was a gay film without frontals, which I think is the reason why we were able to finish the film. It was not just a typical gay film with the usual homo scenes. It’s a great plot line!

Unfortunately, those happier moments cause me not to think..

And well, the sad moments which made me stop comprehending are 1. the unending thesis I have 2. the continuous puzzling emotions I have toward this person and 3. the work opportunities which I should’ve grabbed weeks ago!

Ugh! I almost forgot! I have a thesis meeting...I’ll just continue this some other time.
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