Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Hairspray in room 1408
I went to school yesterday just to find out that all the professors I need to talk to weren’t there. Rozanne wasn’t there as well. She’s in a seminar somewhere at UN Ave. Imagine the effort that I had to make just to go to school and bump into people I really don’t want to talk with! That’s so much plastic effort!

I needed to unwind and I did it last night. I watched Hairspray and 1408 with one of my girl friends, Rozanne. We met at Rob Pioneer to watch 1408. The act of consternation was in the place the whole time we’re watching the film.

Instead of wearing my sweater, I wrapped it around my face and continued screaming and putting up my feet on my seat. And because I was with the most frightened person ever, I had no choice but to scream and continuously scare myself with the heart-beating sound that incessantly plays in the background! After watching 1408, I’m not quite sure if I should regret seeing it.

Since we’re still encapsulated in the fear that 1408 brought to us, Rozanne and I decided to head to Shang and watch Hairspray. I thought we wouldn’t make it, but thanks to MRT we arrived there 15 minutes before the film starts.

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