Sunday, November 27, 2005
I’m back!, A simple celebration for one of my closest friends, Carl., Why do I often get irritated?

I’m back!

I haven’t updated my blog for the past few weeks. This is because of the schoolwork I have to work on. I know! I always make the schoolwork a reason for me not to update my blog. Well, that’s the only plausible explanation I have in mind.

Time really flies fast. I’m about to graduate in a year. Hopefully, I will be graduating.

A simple celebration for one of my closest friends, Carl.

Carl celebrated his 19th birthday last Sunday. It was a simple yet cool celebration we had. We, me, Mao, Rein, Dids, and Carl, had to go to my house for some midnight celebration. We totally had fun!

When we finished, Reinard wasn’t able to handle the alcohol contained in Bailey’s. He almost passed out. He was lucky I’m not in the mood to prank him! Damn, why was I not in the mood that time? It was a perfect time to bamboozle him! Bah! I’m also scared of Karma, or I? Hahaha

Why do I easily get irritated?

There’s something wrong with me. I easily get irritated these past few weeks. I definitely have no idea of what makes me snappy.

I think it’s because of the class schedule. I have Mondays ‘til Thursdays. I know! I have three consecutive resting days for that matter. But hell, I have an alternating 6:30pm and 9:30pm dismissals. That sooooo tiring! When I get home, I almost can’t fix the things I have to bring for the next day’s class. Poor me!

I guess that answers my question.

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