Friday, April 01, 2005
How sUweet could you get?
Missed Calls...

PAM: Hu r u?
Hans: Aren’t u PAM?
PAM: Yes, I am PAM... And hu r u?
Hans: Aw okay! Ü mustah ka na? Hans Aquino here.
Wala lng. I saw your name sa phonebook ko. So, I tried

to text you.
PAM: Ah, okay lang.
Hans: Okay. Ü good nighters! Ü

Have you ever tried submitting a poem to the school paper and making the initials of your crush visible in the first word of every line? Have you ever got mad with the person who’'s having an affair with your crush? Take note, he'’s only your crush; he’'s not your boyfriend yet. How about getting your crush’'s graduation picture without him knowing about it? These situations I'’ve stated are just the equivalent of the “situation” I just did last night. I'’ve realized that I just did a very embarrassing state of affair with my former crush. I can'’t believe what I just did! The dialogue above was the exact exchange of text I had with him. After my last text, I never waited for his reply. I immediately dialled my best friend. I told him everything. That time, I felt like a high school student again. The days when I started to use different products just for him to notice me when we bump each other in the school campus. Ah, those days! Ü Well anyway, once Joe and I finished our conversation, right away I laid down on my bed and started reminiscing my high school life. I’'ve comprehended that my high school days were the best days of my life. The tensing text I had with my former crush turned out to be the way to my recollection of the happy days of my high school life. And because of that, I had a very blissful night. Ü
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