Monday, October 01, 2007
Nagbalik loob: Moved by the remarkable oddities! (He’s scaring me!)

We support your decision!

We’ll still be your friends!

Wind up! You’re just so preoccupied at the moment!

I’m not happy for you, but I’ll be supporting your decision.

Do you still want us to be your friends? We’ll just be here!

Hayaan mo na sya.. babalik din yan!

These are the things we said to one of the most infamous members of the gang! Of course, I’ll miss him! We’ll miss him!

He’s already part of my (our) life… we’ve gone through thick and thin! I really don’t have an idea why he'd leave us!

Long story short… he’s beginning to like peanuts than hotdogs! He’s scaring me!

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