Wednesday, January 09, 2008
I’ve to blog!
It’s been ages...again since the last time I went to! I dunno why I really am not in the mood to blog. I guess it’s because my mind is so preoccupied at the moment.

I’ve lots of things in mind…1st is my thesis (Gawd! It’s been a year now. I’ve to finish this asap!) 2nd is the thought of working for a high paying job (which I declined months ago) 3rd are the things I have to do this year (I am a spontaneous person. However, I guess being spontaneous doesn’t work for me anymore so I have to plan ahead…I’ve this kind of system for achieving my objectives, one of which is incessantly thinking of the "thing" I have to accomplish. The next thing I know...voilà! It’s done already.)

Aside from the things I’ve in mind, there are some things that I just can’t get enough…1st is my book addiction (I’m not a geek of some sort, but I really love reading novels, may it be chicklet or the classics, but not science fiction. I’m just not a fan) 2nd is (Well, if you’re done checking your mails, you’re done blog hopping, you’re done flirting online and you’re done reading the latest H-gossip, lingering in is the best remedy when it comes to your boredom.) 3rd is my other addiction, watching series (I just can’t imagine how I get hooked watching a single-minded enthusiast with braces and nerdy glasses on).

I’m so sorry, HK! I’m just not in the mood to blog! ; (
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