Tuesday, February 14, 2006
I hate you, CARLO!!!

Dear diary,

Carlo sat beside Mao today. He’s so annoying!

Sabi nya pa nga I’m pretty kaya lang I’m fat.

I eat too much kase eh. Simula ngayon, goodbye

chocolates, goodbye hotdogs… Hmmm…

Goodbye, Carlo!

I had one of the most unpleasant days of my life. Ugh! I think it’s because I didn’t hear mass last Sunday. I felt so guilty and ashamed of myself. I know I had the time to hear mass yet I decided not to. And to think, I had a four-day vacation. I had no classes last Thursday since it is Mandaluyong Day. And the succeeding three days were my time off.

The day started with my Theology class. I had a, supposedly, short quiz. I was surprised when my professor told us he’s changed his mind and he’s making the short quiz one of the major quizzes. And that was absolutely disappointing. I really am hoping that I’ll be able to get good grade. Uhm…make it a great one. ;)

I wasn’t able to eat a fine lunch since I had my long quiz and wasn’t able to finish on time. I only ate a cheeseburger from Mcdo and a large Coke. Thank God for creating fast food!

And then I had my Asian-Western Civilization class. We were asked to study for several minutes for a quiz. I wasn’t in the mood for another quiz. The Theo quiz drained my head. And this time, I was the last to submit the paper. I was so upset when Carlo accused me of asking answers from Mao. Carlo was joking that time. I was asking for an answer. I admit it, but the timing of Carlo to crack a joke like that was soooo not right. It's not even funny. Mao and I are used to asking questions from one another when we forget what the right answers are.

Although the professor was like a friend to me, I still felt embarrassed of what happened. Guilt was wandering my head when I talked to her right after the quiz. Even if she didn’t mind what happened, I still felt soooooo humiliated.

After the Asian-Western class, I felt so bad and was not in the mood to attend the last class. But I still managed to attend the class.

I hope tomorrow will be one of the best days of my life since it’s Feb. 14.

Happy Valentines to All!

Ps. This post is especially made for Carlo, I still hate him. I felt so guilty!!!

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