Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I’m a little bit confused with what to do. I woke up feeling that I lost weight. For me, losing weight is a no-no since I’ve looked like a sexy anorexic for the past 18 years. *Note: I’ve only been living for 2 decades! For a person with a very fast metabolism like me, it’s very hard to be in the proper weight.

Anyway, after eating lunch, my brother asked me if I want to go play golf with him. Ugh! I have a midterm exam tomorrow. The exam is all about numbers! It’s probability and statistics. The timing is just great. I forgot all the principal lectures and I have to study them all over again. I’m really hoping to pass the exam. Math was the only favourite subject I have. But this time, it’s a bit complicated since I can’t recall my past lectures.

I’ll pray to God for his guidance and for wisdom. Pray for me too

I’ll update more later!

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