Thursday, January 17, 2008
I Am Sorry
If PGMA says “I am sorry. I want to close this chapter.” intended for her infamous wiretapping dilemma, I also have my own version. Mine is, “I am so-re! I have to give you an ultimatum!” (Pakapalan na lang ng mukha ‘to mga mare kung ‘di pa kayo matinag!)

We’re actually five in our thesis group. Unfortunately, there are only three fillers. So, the three of us, Mao, Adrian and myself, decided to cut those who weren’t able to contribute. Being the head and the only person who can empathize and who isn’t temperamental, I emailed the queens saying:

We have been starting to work on the documents of our thesis. We went to the National Library and fortunately found the exact data to be used in our study. When I say we, I’m talking about Mao, Adrian and myself.

Adrian told me that he texted you both last Tuesday, January 15, 2008. If I’m not mistaken, he was asking if you two are still interested on working with us, but you didn’t reply. You know our thesis status and we don’t have to elaborate everything. You have our landline numbers, cellphone numbers and e-mail addresses. So, why not contact us?

We are not your secretaries to constantly remind you that we have a thesis to finish and we have a limited amount of time to be able to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Isn’t the BSIT calendar enough for you both to be informed?

If making an ultimatum would wake you up, well, we’re giving you a week to finish the working prototype considering our criteria. Obviously, not being able to present us a prototype will consequentially leave us with one big decision and that would be excising you both.

I’m so sorry if we’re being hard on you, but we don’t want to finish this thesis while resorting to stress and motherly reminders!

So, what do we expect from you?

Making that letter makes me want to imitate Heidi Klum.

I imagine myself sitting on a director’s chair saying, “The two of you will be out!” as I grin and wink my eyes. “Rhandall, you’ve been effortless! And you Boom…you’re just of no help!” Now, I’m looking at my nails, biting my lips, thinking if what I’ll say is right. And then, word vomit, “Affenhitze!Walang sense! Affenhitze means it’s boiling in German! I still don’t get what Heidi says before she kisses her eliminated contestant. Can anybody tell me what it is?

Sana matinag sila!
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