Friday, July 13, 2007

It really saddens me when people surrounding me tend to fight over a miniscule matter. Growing up as a happy-go-lucky person makes me view life as a playground. Innocent playful carefree minds run over the place and think of nothing but happiness.

It’s only now that I’m beginning to feel the wrath of reality – how cruel the world could get and how people could be so inimically contagious.

I am not a good person, never qualified to be someone blessed. Albeit I sound good in this update, I’m not. If I may list the things I’ve done in my life, compared to other people, I’ve sinned a lot and might consider staying in the haven of Hades.

What I’m trying to say is there’s too much negativity in this world and it really sucks especially when you become a contributor.

It’s really ironic when people want to live a happy life when it’s them who deviate from the norm.

I’m going to finish this blog with a video from Live Earth. Madonna’s “Hey You” song inspired me to be good and share the goodness to others! Muffin! ;*

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