Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I envy my graduating friends!, Kulot salot!
I envy my graduating friends!

Almost all of my friends, schoolmates and neighbours, are graduating at the end of the month. I hate them! They all have the liberty to sleep, eat well, and have fun. Plus, they’ll be earning lotsa money from their work as a call center agent, or as an errand person, or maybe as a great advertiser. Isn’t that fabulous!? Ugh! I just can’t wait for that day to come when I’ll be able to run errands, design templates for the company, and sew clothes for Kate Moss.

Remember how much I wanted to quit my course? I sooo hate programming, but this time, I was able to pass the subject without giving so much effort. However, I’m really worried about my IT Project. I have no idea if I’ll fail or I’ll be having a completion. Look at the options…failing, and completing the subject! It sucks!

I really wish that I’ll be able to have a completion and be able to finish the subject in a month’s time!

Kulot salot!

This is what happens when me and my best friend, Mao, are in the “Clang – Clang” state. We try experimenting on things especially when it comes to hair and, sometimes, face-paint. Sometimes it results to be likable, but most of the time, it doesn’t! Hahaha! <3

Take a look!

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