Sunday, April 13, 2008
at last!
It has always been normal for me to lead a group, work hard and finish a task before its deadline; however, the process of making our thesis is varying from somewhat unusual to utterly unexpected. Having said that yields significance to the process of finishing the thesis.

I have experienced and learned a lot from this. I’ve outgrown my immaturity when it comes to bypassing inconsequential matters—giving importance to details. More than that, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone just for me to make an effort to complete a task delegated to my colleagues. And yes, I did that just for the sake of finishing our thesis. I’ve had my own share of sacrifices, prioritizing and focusing on this thesis before anything else. For the past three months, I wasn’t able to hang out with my friends. Well, the sacrifice was worth it. Not only we were able to finish the thesis on time, but we were also able to present it very well.

What makes me happier and more proud was the role I rendered as the team leader. I wasn’t expecting that I’d be strict and very vocal when it comes to showing my feelings toward my colleague’s attitude. Well at least, I’d been a good and responsible team leader. Without these experiences during our thesis-making, I won’t be able to learn managing my time, focusing on details and verbalizing my feelings.

I’m just glad I had Mao, Adrian, Rhandall and Boom as my thesis mates. Without them, I couldn’t have done much better. If given the chance to choose other people as my thesis mates, well I guess, I’d rather do it again with them. They’re just the best thesis mates ever! ;)
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