Sunday, October 30, 2005
So short update, so much photos!
What’s up with these people showing much of their skin just to gather more friends?

What’s with these people?

I can’t imagine myself showing my big tummy, super sized thighs, and not-so-round behind. Well, that’s the catch. These people have abs, runner thighs, and whopping biceps. Plus, don’t forget the reason why people in the community love adding them. It’s because of their unimaginable rods.

What’s unimaginable when you can see those rods with just a click away?

See what I mean?

Is perversion dominating the minds of the youth today? Is that the reason why rape cases not only in the Philippines but also around the globe are bloating?

The heck with propagating hate! Let’s just enjoy photos, noh?

How about those cute faces?

Not only people with nice body get many unfamiliar friends, but people with really angelic-babyish-cute-gorgeous-beautiful-pretty faces also share the blessing of having tons of unfamiliar friends.

Here are some of those pretty faces I see online:

Aren't they adorable?

If you want more, just sign up at Downelink. This online community totally rocks!

DOWNELINK: is an online GAY community that allows people to interact with each other through social networks and resources.

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