Thursday, March 24, 2005
I mean love! Ü

Current mood: restless

It was daybreak of Oct. 13, when I got to chat with this guy. At first it really did not matter to me. I thought I was just chatting wit him, but when the conversation got deeper and deeper that’s the time I tried asking myself if I really am feeling something unusual. But hey, it was just a nice chat! Well Anyway, after chatting wit him I noticed that I was checking the messenger every now and then… I never got to forget to check on his id wishing he’s available. Unfortunately, he was not! “Poor me”, I said to myself. On a Saturday night after the preceding chat, I never did expect him to be online again. That time I really was not thinking of him, but there he was! My heart trembled and did not think of anything but to message him. So I tried to shut all the programs running and hopped to yahoo messenger. I did message him immediately without any hesitations. These situations simply mean that he’s really dear to me! No stir! I mean, it’s for real! My heart was pounding besides the trembling! Though they are of the same meaning, I truly just want to exaggerate my feelings for him! I mean love I said to me friend. That time, my friend was also online… anyway, back to the heart pounding situation. So we chatted until 5 from 3 am. Then he decided to just talk over the phone. At first I was shy coz he might be so denouncing, but I proved myself wrong when we talked for at least 2 and a half hours… he was nice to me. Hay nako, sleepy na ako.. better tell the continuation next time! Ü

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