Friday, June 01, 2007
Wrecking Chaos!
Joe just came home from the land of mixed capitalists and nothing but havoc was done to the unlucky third world queers!

I woke up early yesterday to go to school, looking forward to meeting the queen of chaos, the undeniable queen of alcohol and sentiments, the queen of online gaming, and the queen that made everyone laugh!

I met up with these people at around 5 in the afternoon. We went straight to my house and stayed for at least an hour and a half doing nothing but the usual. Usual meaning, chit chatting, using the hair iron, watching Britney live in Las Vegas, and listening to Beyonce.

We typically enjoy those moments and never get bored of reiterating those things week after week after week.

After an hour and a half of nothing but pure LSS of Beyonce songs, we finally decided to wait for the Vertha turned Morta at Duds’ place.

When Vertha arrived, we headed straight to GB3 and decided to eat at Fish and Co. I found my love when I tried New York chips and fish for the second time. The taste gets better and better as I savor the moment of munching on Mr. Sal-mon! ;*

Maître d'restaurant, Zeus, made my night when he served our meals.

from the QUEEN of CHAOS! Thanks, Joe! ;*

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