Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Aw…Not settling for anything less eh?
Someone’s really going ballistic as I say to him that I’m totally not ready to consider ruining my life at the moment. Of course, the irrational side of him showed. Albeit I didn’t really witness it, he made sure that the situation would reach my ears hoping that I might start mulling over with my indecisive mind regarding the idea of opening my heart again. Ah, so mushy! It couldn’t get so mushier than this! So what I did was talk to him like the guileless person that I am and told him that I am lacking feelings toward him or any other guys at present. Edi ang haba nanaman ng hair ko!

Seriously, I’ve always settled for an “average-ish” guy and what do I get!? A heartache! So I’ve decided that since I’m always getting a heartache, it’s better for me to consider cuter and hotter guys! At least, I would get heartaches from cuties not just from a so-so. (then what's the difference?)

Well, boasting won’t do me any good, but really, there are lots of cute guys digging me (yeah, we’re talking about morale booster!) and because I tend to be really apprehensive most of the time, what I end up with is nothing aside from being home alone reading Sophie Kinsella or going to the nearest drive thru with some of my closest friends.

Once and for all, I’ve decided not to experience getting mushy unless I am settled, unless I know what I really want, unless I’ve lots of time to be mushy, unless giving a gift worth a thousand wouldn’t hurt my pocket, unless my insecurities aren’t getting the best of me, unless my tax equates the value of a brand new Nokia phone and unless my addiction to blog hopping has stopped. Oh yeah, blog hopping! Later! ;*
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