Wednesday, April 05, 2006
This is sooo depressing!
I dunno what’s more depressing, being single or sitting in front of my computer updating my blog while eating an egg sandwich with matching homemade sago-gulaman and listening to the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony on a Wednesday afternoon with nothing to do but kill time.

I woke up a lil late this afternoon from a very exhausting day yesterday. I had enrolled my OJT subject. I was in school the whole day falling in line for hours before the registrar’s office just to fill up a reg. form. When I finished and got home, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw Jada Smith’s image after performing, looking trashed and sweating all over. I felt really filthy! That’s why I immediately went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Yesterday’s event turned out to be the opposite of today. Here I am before my computer sipping on my sago-gulaman looking at the park in front of our house, got nothing to do but look at the photos in this computer and browse the net. This is sooo depressing and sooo boring! This is more depressing than watching “Gulong ng Palad!”

Now, Damien Rice’s Blower’s Daughter is playing. Ugh! My hair is about to fall. Help! Help!

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I’m not having a summer break!
I’m not having a summer break!

I have a lot of things to accomplish this summer. I have my on the job training. I have my completion with my IT Project subject. (Thank God I passed the other subjects!) I have to clean my room. I have to go somewhere fun! Palease! I need a break! Second semester was hell. I just can’t imagine how I’d survived the sem. It was a lil more fun and a lil worse at the same time. It was a roller coaster ride! Whew! Waaah! Can anyone save me? I need to finish all my requirements this summer! Help, help!

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