Thursday, December 15, 2005
Reasons why I applied at Don Bosco/ reasons why I mostly regretted enrolling upon experiencing programming. UGH!
When I graduated from high school, I was really excited to step into the new point of my life. It was my college life. I was not thinking of anything before, save for the people I will encounter in college. I didn’t think of missing my high school teachers, colleagues, and friends. All that was in my mind was being a college student. I’ve applied for several prestigious schools like U.P. and Ateneo. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pass their exams for quite a few reasons. The following are:

Reason #1: I was not ready to take the exams. I was one of the first few students to pass the application form (sometimes it’s really not advisable to be punctual especially when you submit application forms for tertiary schooling). Plus, it was the first quarter of my senior year. I was not really prepared!

Reason #2: I was thinking that since I’ve submitted tons of application forms to different schools, those two schools seemed not to be a big deal. They’re just two of the schools I applied for. I told myself, “Aral na lang ako next time when I am about to take another test”. By the way, my exam grades turned out to be very low. My brothers insulted me for that.

Reason #3: Those two schools are really distant from my house. I’ll surely not survive that part of the urban jungle if I get to pass and study at UP or Ateneo (it came to my mind that’s why I didn’t think of making an effort to answer the difficult questions).

Reason #4: My close friends didn’t bother applying to those schools. I have reasons to fail the college entrance exams. JOwK! Hihihi! ;)

Now, upon experiencing dreadful programming subjects, the thought of regretting the time I enrolled at Don Bosco came to me. I was able to pass some other schools. A few of them told me that I can already enrol, but laziness struck me and so I enrolled to the nearest school from my house. It was a bad decision to make. I was such a couch potato!

Anyway, I’m just going to make huge effort in finishing what I started. I’m gonna love what I’m doing and what I will be doing. UGH! <3

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