Friday, September 21, 2007

As my stomach ached last night, I decided not to go to work. The timing of my absence was pretty perfect; I got to rest from a month of stress. Although I know that I shouldn’t absent myself since I’m not yet a regular employee, my decision not to go to work was rectifying.

Aside from the two vehicular accidents, a bus and a mini-truck, along EDSA flyover and Ayala Ave which are both my route to work, my mom’s affirmation made my decision firmer.

Of course, I’m not regretting the day of my nonappearance to work especially when I’m able to watch Tyra Show. The episode was all about fashion and fashion week. I was so excited to have watched Tyra doing what she does best, giving runway tips and making fool of herself. Constructively speaking, her foolishness makes her different from other celebrities. That’s her way of making the masses feel like she’s one of them when she’s not! Ooops!

Don’t get me wrong, I really love Tyra Banks! I’m her 833rd fan. It’s pretty obvious that there are more avid Tyra fans than me since I don’t idolize her that much.

Anyhoo, Tyra’s September 18 episode was totally informative to both nouveau-riche and wannabes. She also discussed the “15 Rules You Should Completely Ignore.”

  1. it’s always better to break up with a guy in person
  2. chocolates and fried foods cause acne
  3. women are the only ones who get cellulite
  4. never wear gold and silver together
  5. buying groceries is cheaper than eating out
  6. don’t pair white wine with beef or red wine with chicken
  7. don’t paint a small room a dark color
  8. wait for him to say “I love you,” first
  9. never date a co-worker
  10. hair grows back thicker after you shave it
  11. eating after 8 pm will make you gain weight
  12. cracking your knuckles causes arthritis
  13. drink 8 glasses of water a day
  14. always Google a guy before the first date
  15. don’t gossip

She’s invited Kimora Lee Simmons on her show to present Kimora’s classic and recent designs. Miss Lee Simmons’ clothing line is a little like of Tina and Beyonce Knowles’ House of Dereon, but less of embroideries.

Aside from learning about the fashion capitals, Paris, Milan and NY, I’ve learned that the word Fashion was taken from a French word Façon which means to make. I’ve also learned the following words:

pail·lette - large sequin or spangle

dé·colle·tage - low neckline of a dress

at·el·ier - fashion house or a place where designers make their clothes

bus·tier - lingerie or a strapless evening dress

I guess having a time off is absolutely a good thing to do. You get to watch the things you weren’t able to watch because of your hectic schedule! And you get to rest from a tiring and unprofitable work you have!

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