Wednesday, March 19, 2008
The misadventure!
Mao, Rozanne and I planned to go to the National Library to get a part of a dissertation that will support our study. Part of the plan is to eat halo-halo at Razon’s. However, going to old Manila wasn’t planned at all that’s why Mao didn’t agree going there with us.

Well, I didn’t know what hit me to agree with Rozanne’s suggestion to go to old Manila—maybe it’s because of plain boredom, or maybe the excitement of going to a place other than what I call comfort zone.

After eating halo-halo and before heading to Manila, Mao and I were so eager to see Rozanne in tight jeans and pop-sleeves! So, we entered a clothing store and went straight to the ladies’ section giving her no options.

As soon as we finished dressing up Rozanne, Mao decided to go home.

Immediately, Rozanne hailed a cab and instructed the driver the way to Hidalgo. Hidalgo is a place for cheaper used or unused cameras. Instead of choosing the mall to buy a camera, may it be a digicam or an SLR, perhaps heading to Hidalgo would be a great option since there are lots of shops selling cameras to choose from.

As we enter one of the shops, Rozanne instantly asked the owner their price of Olympus MJU 770 SW and he told us that it costs P15,000 (if I’m not mistaken, the mall price of this camera is P26,000).
This is the camera that Rozanne LOST! Yes, she lost her underwater camera worth P28,000. Just imagine how awful it is to lose a camera worth that amount. If it happens to me, I guess it would be months before I’ll be able to recover.

the way to Killion (Killion is a place where you can buy cheap baking ingredients)

very nice canvas!

the "mega emote moment" of Rozanne facing the busy streets of Manila and Prudential Bank

LRT (waiting for my train; super exhausted)

The adventure was tiring, however it was really fun. But I guess experiencing it once is enough.
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