Thursday, June 23, 2005
Tell me you want to join my group

It’s a Thursday again and it’s one of my hell days, probably because of my schedule. I’m in school from 10:00am to 9:30pm, but I’ve this vacant period after 12:00 noon until 3:30pm. Adding to my suffering is the heat of the sun. I was like dehydrating on my way to school. It’s like I have to drink water every now and then to quench my thirst. When I got to school, I had my first class and immediately fixed my schedule after the class. I had a long vacant period so I decided to go home for lunch. I thought my schedule was already fixed. When I went back to school, I found out that the department head made some revisions on the schedule which made me infuriate. “Yes, this is a HELL day! It’s official!” I said to myself.

As the day ended, I thought I won’t be in the mood again, but I proved myself wrong. When I attended my last class, I saw my crush and he got me in the mood. As the class started, my professor told us to make groups of threes. Everyone had his group aside from me and Mao. I was really praying that my crush would approach me and ask if he could join the group since I know that he’s got no friends in the class. Well, I guessed it wrong. He’s already joined a group. Maybe next time, I should initiate asking him to join my group if I really want him to be a group mate. After the groupings, my professor proceeded to his lecture. It’s like I’m watching the movie “THEY”! Anyway, at least I ended my day in a pleasant mood.

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