Saturday, May 10, 2008
Are you one of us?
This is one of the taglines of the company that I’ve applied for. Fortunately, I was able to nail all the interviews and I’ve already signed the job offer.

Now, I am answering Globe Telecom’s tagline…Yes, I am!

I passed the initial exam and interview, I passed the technical exam and technical interview and I passed the final panel interview. I am now partly an employee of Globe Telecom, Inc. For me to be a bona fide employee of the said company, I should be able to pass my pre-employment medical exam and all the requirements they want me to submit including my SSS/E-1 form, TIN, certificate of employment from my past employer, NBI clearance, TOR, diploma, birth certificate, form 2316 and affidavit of disclaimer.

What I was able to accomplish for the past few days were:

*E-1 form
*NBI clearance
*Birth certificate

I’ve one week to finish and submit all the requirements. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

God is really good. Just pray and everything will be alright! ;)
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