Tuesday, May 30, 2006
I’m living a normal life!

Time flies sooo sooo fast! I just can’t imagine that it’s my last year of being a student. Hopefully, I’ll graduate on time!

I took a leave from work today since I’m about to enrol again…same old enrolment day! I saw old friends, close and not so close. I saw my favourite school employee and my favourite professor.

Thank god, there are only few students enrolling this semester. Meaning, there are no long indolent lines to fall in. I didn’t sweat like a pig for the first time. I was sooo relaxed when I was having my subjects enlisted. And I even got home early.

Unfortunately, I’ll be working again tomorrow that’s why I’ll rest the whole afternoon. That’ll be possible if only my father won’t ask me to go with him when he buys his laptop. Argh!

How normal could my life get!? This is a lil boring, you know!

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