Saturday, August 06, 2005
The good, the bad, and the st☼r

It’s been 3 years since I’ve reflected on the things I’ve done. And yes, it’s my retreat again. It’s time for me to be good, at least for three consecutive days. And it’s also time to eat a lot! Really, food is great in Batuloa.

Before the days of my retreat, I was very excited. I was preparing my “kikay” that I’ll bring with me. These “kikay” thingies are to impress my classmates. I’m right! My classmates were impressed! All the things I brought really struck them. My fishnet bag, my tight jeans, my baby tees, and many other pa-gÜrl stuff.

When we got there in Don Bosco retreat house at Batulao, Batanggas, I immediately told Mao to bring out his phone and take some pictures of both of us since I didn’t bring my father’s digital cam because I was worried that it might get lost. Although I had no camera phone at the moment, I really enjoyed taking photos of the views that I wasn’t able to see during my senior retreat. After taking some shots, I then settled down and listened carefully to the facilitator. Then activities came after activities until the end of the day. Games were also prepared, for us not to get bored. The last game was for me. Yes, it was for me! I was one of the “it persons”. And because I was one of them, I also had to suffer the consequence. The consequence was to dance to the tune of one of the “earworms” I consider!

I was the last person to dance since my beloved classmates planned that I should be the last dork that would entertain them. After me dancing, I felt like my barkada saw me falling in line on the premiere of Eddie Gil’s film “Pilukang Itim”. It was one of moments I call embarrassingly-precious-not-to-mention-the-people-involved moment. I was thinking that once I finished my consequence, my classmates will never respect me any longer. But I guess I just increased the percentage of my popularity. (laughs) They all loved what I just did. They even tried to ask me to dance again. Even the assistant facilitator, Kuya Gary, got close to me because of the foolishness I did during the entertaining dance I had.

I wasn’t able to sleep well after the tiring activities we had. It’s because of the bedding and the bed I slept onto. It’s so uncomfortable to sleep on it. It feels like I was sleeping on a puddle of mud. Because I was so uncomfortable and my classmates were at sleep, I decided to make fun of myself by using my blanket as a gown. As I played with it, Mao laughed and laughed until some of my classmates woke up. Some of them saw my foolishness, but I was not really apprehensive about. In fact, I was able to ask them the next morning if my show was great. They answered yes and were waiting for the day to end just to see another one. Unfortunately, the next night, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right away.

The second day was very pious. I even got to confess all my sins. That’s why after the day, I really felt very relieved. However, overtiredness was getting me and felt like not loving the stay anymore.

I missed my bed; I even missed my beautiful apple green room with orange curtains.

The last day felt like any ordinary day of my life. I felt sleepy because of the weather. It was raining cats and dogs.

We finished the retreat with a mass. After hearing the mass, we then ate our lunch and prepared to depart.

The 3-day retreat I had was yet a wonderful return to God’s arms. In spite of all the evil in me, I was able to reconcile with God.

I’m a changed person now. I hope! Ü

The pictures are to follow, I’m just waiting for Mao to burn and give them to me. I’ll post it right after I get them… Wait ka lang ha! Mwuah!
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