Thursday, June 07, 2007
I went out with two of my best buds last night for our first ever soul search! I found mine when I saw this cute chinito guy sitting under a tarp which screams REPAIR! I’m assuming he’s the son of the owner of the repair shop.

What makes him cuter was when he asks the passers by repair for whatever broken gadgets they have. The urge of breaking my phone came in to my mind. I really want to approach him and ask him this: eshushme! My phone hash a shcratch. Can you do shomething about it? Or if you can’t, can I jusht have your number?

I’ll be coming back for a repair of my old phone!


That was the question we kept on asking one another as we wait for our orders. At some point, we were laughing so hard that we forgot there were other people dining in.

I just love hanging around with my autistic friends, Joe and Duds! It’s like we have bloodline of retards and ADHD’s!

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