Tuesday, January 15, 2008
What’s playing in your playlist?
After a week of pure research, I’ve finally got myself the rest my body’s seeking. It’s a lazy afternoon. I’m being a little sentimental at the moment. The intensity of my emotion is fluctuating. I just don’t get it.

A pinch of anticipation won’t hurt, but the fear of over analyzing picked at my resolve. I just can’t get my thesis out of my mind. I’ve not so many months to finish it. Fortunately, I was able to get the meta-data for my study. And hopefully, we’ll be able to use the system no later than next month. I’m still crossing my fingers on that!

Anyway, enough of my apprehension, which will, with a bit of luck, soon be a relief.

I was recharging my player when I thought of rearranging the songs and the playlists in it just to kill time. I saw songs of different genres and the songs, which I wasn’t expecting to be in my player.

It’s innate for me to love songs. I just can’t live without listening to my favorites. That’s why everywhere I go, I have my player with me.

There are lots of playlists in my Ipod. I’m just naming a few.

• AKey’s As I Am

• Beyonce Knowles for all her songs

• JT’s FutureSex/LoveSound

• Girl Power with Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger, Mariah’s The Roof, Geri’s Bag It Up, All Saints’ Bootie Call and War of Nerves and a lot of those with women empowering lyrics...

• I have the playlist “I Lurve.” Well, the name is very suggestive.

• Irrationally Beautiful…this is totally embarrassing! It has Girl’s Aloud’s Love Machine, Lily Alen’s Smile, B’witched’s Blame It On The Weatherman and Sophie Ellis Bexter’s Murder on the Dancefloor to name a few...

• Madonna – Confessions on a Dancefloor Live

• Various songs of Mariah Carey

• Mood Choice – in here are Janet Jackson’s Again, Matt Pond’s revival of Champagne Supernova, Aqualung’s Brighter Than Sunshine, Phantom Planet’s California, Nada Surf’s If You Leave, Alanis’ Hands Clean, Joss Stones’ Spoiled, Athlete’s Wires and Linkin Park’s We Use The Pain

• Remix

• Rihanna with all of her albums

• I also have these Soothing songs. I have Madonna’s What It Feels Like for a Girl, Kelly’s Stole, Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter, Bachelor Girl’s Buses and Trains, James Morrison’s You Give Me Something, TLC’s Damaged and the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony.

• The Beyonce Experience Live
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