Sunday, September 02, 2007
How much for the Crocs?
I’m currently experiencing a free time here at work. There’s a technical problem. Albeit I’ve studied information technology, I’ve no plans of helping the IT people.

I’m done with my break and I’m really sleepy right now. The system still has problems and sad to say, the only website we can access is Yahoo. So instead of roaming around, I just stayed at my station and read my email.

My mom sent me something regarding Crocs. I’ve plans of buying the said rubber clogs, however, when I learned about these accidents caused by Crocs stated in some blogs and in ABC news website I had second thoughts.

Yes! There are lots of accidents caused by Crocs, but the style of Ithaca made me change my mind. I really want to buy one! Men’s Ithaca comes in three colors, black/charcoal, chocolate/khaki and navy/khaki. I lurve the charcoal! It’s way gorgeous than Havaianas! I’m so sorry, but those faux flip flops imitating the floral design of Havs made me dislike buying the original. But don’t get me wrong, Havaianas is still my first love! Remember, first love never dies!

Anyhoo, look at the design of Ithaca.. I bet you’ll have a new love!

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