Sunday, October 08, 2006
voulez vous coucher avec moi

I went to BED Bar in Malate with the two of my best buddies, Adrianne and Carl! Unfortunately for Mao, he was there at Malate; however, he wasn’t able to join us since his phone is out of charge and so he couldn’t text me.

At first, the three of us were all anxious to go in since we all know that Bed Bar is known to all as the den of lotsa bisexual people! iS-ke-re! J I thought the experience was not going to be fun. When we entered the club, there were only ten people dancing and interacting with each other, but as it was getting late, males with various sexual preferences populated the place. We danced all night like we’ve never done it before.

Here’s the catch. We went there to interact with other guys; however, I ended up dancing with a random person…dancing, dirty, dirty dancing! Emphasis on the word “DIRTY!” Yes, the experience was one of a kind. And how did it happen? I looked at this certain guy and he managed to give me a smile. And I thought, what the heck, Imma smile back! Then he made the first move by touching my crowning glory…my hair, of course! He held my hands and made me touch his arms. I felt really nervous. We danced until we sweat like pigs! And the rest was history! FYI! Nothing immoral happened! And if you think that dirty dancing with someone is immoral, well, think again. It’s just plain fun! …Do I sound defensive? Hahaha…

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