Monday, April 09, 2007
No More Drama!

I know, I’m only 21, but I’m encountering a crisis on inexpressible feeling of affection and concern toward someone, such as that taking place from a kinship, appreciation of dazzling traits, or a sense of principal oneness. In short I’m encountering love crisis. Now it makes sense, eh?

I’m so learning from my experiences. Of course, I won’t enumerate every experience I had for the past few months since some of them should be kept to myself, right!? Hahaha

Hey, about this no drama thingy I’m talking about. I think I’ve had enough! I will not search for a new boyfriend! Let him come to me! And if someone dates me, I won’t expect anything from him. PIRYAD!

By the way, I’ve made my own dating rules. And I find them quite effective since I’ve only tried them twice. Lemme share them to you.

Dating Rule#1: Neva eva expect! PIRYAD! Got that!?
If you tend to expect something from someone, naturally, when your expectations are not met, you’ll get really depressed and worst is, your eye bags will get bigger and bigger!

Dating Rule#2: Don’t fall in love so soon.
It’ll basically mess up the dating process.

Dating Rule#3: Consider dating matured people.
They are easier to get along with. Plus, they’ll treat you to the finest restaurant in the city.

Dating Rule#4: Try to show the true you; however, maintain proper behavior.
Sometimes when a person is so comfortable with the person s/he’s with, they tend to be really cocky. Trust me, cockiness is next to ugliness! The person you’re dating will never call you back!

Dating Rule#5: Don’t always give flattering remarks to your date.
Why? I dunno. Just don’t.

Dating Rule#6: Make sure that you’re ready for a date.
Meaning, you’ve taken a bath, you’ve brushed your teeth, you’ve applied deodorant, and you’ve worn the most fragrant perfume ever.

And if you think your date is smooth sailing, remember Dating Rule#7!

Dating Rule#7: Repeat Dating Rule#1!

Ayan! Pede na kyo makipag date! :p

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