Monday, September 24, 2007
At least, I have my friends with me..

Melancholy – encouragement of obscurity or sadness

It’s definitely not bad to be melancholic no less than thrice quarterly. Sometimes, you need to be depressed to realize a lot of things. Of course, immoderate dejection will do you no good as well.

Well at least, I have my friends with me. We get to see each other every Saturday to eat dinner. Their company really means a lot! :) suweetness!

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I’m not a loser…I just want to be sentimental!

Recently, I felt really stressed and depressed. Obviously, it’s because of my work. I’m happy with the people I’m working with, but what makes me really unhappy is the nature of my work!

Because of my depression acne grew all over my neck. It’s proven! It’s a sign when I’m depressed and lonely at the same time!

Well, all I have to do is unwind and not think of my work since I’ll be filing my letter of resignation ASAP! I’m planning to file it tomorrow and it shall be effective on October 5, 2007..

FUGFEST 2-o-o-7

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