Sunday, January 11, 2009
I’m going back to my old life…after I get accustomed to dealing with UNIX.
It’s been a busy year for me. Ever since I started working, I’ve reduced my ostensible weekly worshiping to my Mecca, the Power Plant Mall; not only that, I’ve lessened the Emba-slash-Ascend partying. All I do now is sleep as much as I can when I’m at home. No wee hour phone calls for me. No nightly premium caffeine overloading (FYI! I stopped drinking coffee 6 months ago until the Sbucks Planner’s available again).

I know, I know! I am living a humdrum life! Let me rephrase that…I am living a very challenging life. If not for the projects and the project managers calling you when they receive an out of the office auto reply to their email, my life could have been easier and more fun! Well, I just have to adjust to this kinda living.

I went to the office as a support to a particular system yesterday. Usually, I get really worried when it comes to handling servers, but I think I’m progressively adjusting to this kind of work.

Hopefully, before I wear the lousy uniform, I’d get used to staying at the office until midnight.
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