Friday, November 16, 2007
The Return of the OC!

I’m really not sure why the information that I validated for the renewal of my passport is stressing me out! I have intricately checked the names and the address typed by the friendly government employee. I have neither seen mistaken info nor typographical error; however, hearing the lapses made by those who managed the processing of the renewal of my siblings worsened my paranoia.

Although I’m sure that I’ve correctly seen the information, my name is correct, my address is correct and my parents’ names are correct, I still feel that those data in my application have errors.

In my previous blog, a reader told me that I have no OCD, but slight perfectionism. How could this be slight perfectionism when you know that you’ve seen the info accurately, but you still don’t believe yourself since your perception was altered because of the mistakes of other people which don’t directly concern you at all?

Well, I just have to wait for seven freaggin working days for my new passport. I just hope that nothing's wrong with it! ;)

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