Thursday, November 10, 2005
Merrymaking before classes resume!, I hate my schedule, it makes me grumpier!
Merrymaking before classes resume!

Do you remember my anti-social days? I think it was two months ago. I hardly step on the banks of some of the nearest malls. I was such a bum that time.

After some time of eating, sleeping and book reading (can you imagine how boring my life was?), I got to go to my friend’s birthday party. I had such an amazing time. My high school friends were also there to celebrate Adrianne’s birthday.

The party was held at Adrianne’s aunt’s restaurant. We took the VIP room. It was actually a karaoke room just like Red Box’s.

Following the party was a coffee experience at Starbucks. We just love hanging out at Starbucks; it’s just fun having coffee and chitchat there.

The party turned out to be quite fun even if we went to Bay Walk and just sit there for an hour or two. At least I attended a party before being depressed with schoolwork again! Ugh! I need to graduate as soon as possible!

More More Photos!

I hate my schedule, it makes me grumpier!

Stare at my schedule! It kills me by just looking at it!

The schedule’s not really plausible!

This is what regular students suffer, but I’m really thankful for being a regular student. You wanna know what’s the secret of regular students? Okay, I’m going to spill it out! Just don’t tell others about it. The secret's by charming you way to the top! Hihi! Again, don’t tell anyone. It’s between you, me and the bedpost!

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