Monday, June 12, 2006
On-the-job Training, Ozzy Papa, Sitio Lucia – Pictures Galore!
On-the-job Training

Remember the days when I freaked out working in this company, CBRE? I just can’t imagine how time flies! I’m about to complete the hours of my training. I only have two and a half hours left from a freaggin three hundred twenty hours. And I’m really gonna miss all the employees there. I’m a lil sad when I left the building last Saturday.

I had a great on-the-job training experience with CB Richard Ellis. I had met a lot of friends who I could keep and cherish. When I started to work, I thought my training would all be technical and corporate, but I proved myself wrong when I got to know all the employees in the firm. I got to joke with them, have fun with them, and experience cramming with them. All these unexpected situations in a firm, I had encountered. And it was quite…uhm…cool. No, not quite cool. The experience was really one of a kind. I would really miss all of them. I just said I’ll miss them for the second time. And seriously, I’ll be missing all of them. Especially these few people who made me feel really comfortable when I was working there.

Here are the new found friends:

Ozzy Papa

Me: “Pa, Rony Antonino is calling!”
Ozzy Papa: “Rony Antonino”
Ozzy Papa: “Hello! Who’s calling?”
Ozzy Papa: “Blah blah blah….”
Ozzy Papa: “Okay, thanks!
Me: “Sino yun?”

Ozzy Papa: “Ah sya yung naghahandle ng mga employee ng Ericsson.”
Me: “Ah.”

That was the conversation I had with my dad when this Rony Antonino from his last company, Ericsson, called. He was told that he’ll be flying to Australia for another consulting project. Before this project, he was assigned in Bangladesh. He flew two Sundays ago. I just hope he’s having a nice time working there. I wish I was there too. Haha <3>

Sitio Lucia – Pictures Galore!

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