Wednesday, October 17, 2007
I’m in the limelight and I hate it!

Remember the resignation I proffered on the first week of October? Finally, its efficacy was on the closing business hour of the 12th of October. It was last Saturday, pacific time! Hahaha!

The stressful work was finally over. I’m definitely happy that I’m done with that job; however, leaving a lot of people behind was the worst experience ever.

They say that you shouldn’t instantly trust people that you’ve just met, but fortunately, those people that I’ve befriended were the most authentic people in that office. I was able to gain their trust and v.v.

Since the office was technologically inclined, there had been a glitch in the system…again!

While they were fixing the system, my immediate supervisor called us for a meeting. I thought it was a real meeting, but it wasn’t. I had been the center of attention. They gave me their words of farewell. My tears were about to drop ‘coz all I was hearing were good things. They all liked me from the start. I’ve heard the greatest compliments!

My last day was a blast! ;*

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