Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Fast update: The first day was the worst…
Remember when I use to tell how I love to work in the corporate world!? Well, my dream has come true. Uhm… Actually I'm still not considered a worker who's being paid every 15th and 30th of the month. At least I get to work with the corporate people. And get to have my allowance from the company. :)

I've started yesterday and it was a lil hassle for me since I'm not used to socializing with unfamiliar people. The first day was really a tough one. Even though I was inside the building I was still sweating like a pig! That's why I looked really trashed the whole day. I think it's because of the anxiety I'm feeling since all the strange eyes were looking at me. I feel like a star, though! Haha

I've eaten lunch with my brother and his friends who are, fortunately, working at the building parallel to mine. It's really good to see familiar faces in a very strange place. It's a big relief! Trust me!

Every first experience is really traumatic. I hate first times! I hate being introduced to a big crowd. I hate going to unfamiliar places with unfamiliar faces. I hate new professors. (I really have to work my fawning prowess when new professors are introduced!)

Anyway, the jolly part of my OJT is the part where I come in the building, pass my bag through inspection, and tell the guard that I work for a company in the building. That is really cool! ;p
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