Sunday, November 04, 2007
Glorietta 2 Bombing

The first time I heard about this tragedy, I was really not surprised. It’s not ordinary for me to hear bombings all over Manila, or make it the Philippines. I’m not so sure why terrorists always want to play filthy with innocent civilians. I don’t know if it’s almost always a coincidence when the victims seem to be the ones whose earnings are the principal support of the family. Evidently, terrorism should be silenced. However, suppressing terrorism doesn’t mean countering it with de-escalation of terrorists.

There are lots of theories made behind the bombing. The initial theory was a terrorist attack. The second one was gas explosion making the Ayala Land liable for the disaster. And the last one, which is really alarming, was a bomb conspiracy made by the government.

This is the first time I am commenting about this mall explosion. I never thought that I would be able to speak my mind. I tried to be really nonchalant about the said tragedy, but this video I saw definitely moved me.

Whatever is the real reason behind this very tragic moment, let’s just pray for the souls of those who passed away. And let’s just hope that they’ll be able to get justice.

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