Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Easy come easy go!

Current mood: calm

There are over ten times in my life that I doubted on things particularly with the person dearest to me. I always hold back thoughts that I probably want to utter before him. But I really can’t. Is it because I’m afraid to show my true me or I really don’t want something that might bother either him or me? It’s been certainly a problem that I can’t afford to lose. These problems are really not my type of things that I want to handle. I’m not good on it. Give me physics and math, surely I could answer them with the best I can. But concerning love, my body drops off, my mind drops off, and my heart drops off! I really can’t decide whether to tell him his mistakes and correct him or just go with the unending flow. Stupid isn’t it? But if you try figuring things, it comes out that you’re only just correcting an answer that is true or false.

And because of these things that bother me the most, I figured out that it’s better if I just let things come my way. If something really matters to me, I’ll make sure that I would really give the so-called “effort” to it. As effortless as it may seem, I’ll definitely not think of things that will make my day terrible. And with this effortless thought, it might just come out with be the best entity! Ü

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