Friday, September 09, 2005
Go baby go go

It’s been a month since I’ve thought of blogging again. I don’t know why. I think it’s because of the requirements I was and am committed to do. Now, though I have so many requirements to put forward including my database project which concerns programming, and which is, take note, a project I will not and never will be fond of doing, I’m really happy that I’m writing my blog once again.

August of this year was really a very busy month for me. Like what I’ve said earlier, I was very busy and almost forgot that I have my social life. This month was not that significant to me since all that made up this month was a school work, a school work, and still, a school work.

However, SEPTEMBER, one of my favourite months, is COSMO’s release of their well-liked issue. The Centerfolds Issue. Though not all of my favourite models are included, I still am happy to have the September Issue.

Before I was able to grab a copy, I was able to get view of some of the 69 bachelors in the very edifying show for the youth, Y-speak. I then had my personal favourite from the bachelors, he’s Gino Santiago. I was really amazed when I saw him in the list of one of my online community account. Not thinking of how he will be entertaining my message, I messaged him once I finished viewing his photos and profile. I was so excited with his reply, even my cunt was. Ü

That's it! Thanks for the message, Gino. My cunt heart frowned! Your reply was so boring that I'm never gonna message you again. But still, you're cute and I'm a fan. Ü

I was searching the bachelors’ pictures on the web, but search engines failed me. So, I thought of the very popular online community, FRIENDSTER. I first typed the name of Victor Basa and found his account. Then I typed the name of William Devaughn and also found his account. I even got to see his picture with his remarkable bulge.

Hell Heavenn Eggs

Last Sunday, we had a family lunch out. I was so looking forward to this lunch out because I felt like I was losing my social life. It’s been a month since I got my feet on the ground of one of the malls near my place. See, there are malls near me, and because of my social life killer, which is a term also known as “school work” in my case; I never got a chance to unwind with friends. Anyway, before I got to taste the foods of heaven, we waited for several groups to finish. It was 12:00pm and we’re 12th in the waiting list. Just imagine the hunger! When it was our turn to feed on eggs, I immediately ordered a very heavy and delish food for myself. I also tried their one of a kind refreshment, a carbonated water which is to be mixed with concentrated syrup. I tried grapes and I enjoyed it so much. I even had more than the “quota” of an unlimited drink.

Even though I hadn’t had enough of the food because it seemed that I was still hungry after eating several dishes. I’m still happy ‘coz I had my social life back. Thanks to my brother, Giles. Mwuah! Ü

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