Monday, September 19, 2005

Alright, alright! I have no intentions of fabricating stories just to have a re-defense. Anyhow, it’s just as insignificant as a child lying to have his favourite toy from a particular store. I just said to my professor that we have not yet furnished the final documentation even though I had it in my bag.

I am really scared when it comes to defending our project, especially PROGRAMMING projects! Last Friday was the scheduled defense for our, sort of, “thesis”. Before rescheduling our defense, my programming subject professor, who happens to be one of our panelists, told us that we can’t have the re-defense unless the Student Affairs Coordinator agrees that we could have the re-defense if me and Mao are goin to have our hair done to the shortest level! Thanks to the Student Affairs Coordinator, we’re having the reschedule!

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