Tuesday, February 19, 2008
just lyrical
Last night, I was so tired of being tired. So, the best thing I did was talk to my mom and brother, argue with them, and make them realize that my existence is just more than a dilation of cerebral arteries!

They can’t see the manifestation of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion in me because that’s what I do best, conceal! It won’t manifest until my memory lapses, my belly shrinks and my eye bags look like black Birkin!

I just know how to handle the guilt of what Pandora can offer and the stress resulting from my thesis mates’ lack of self-assurance. I guess, that’s what they’re consistent, the unvarying demand of opinion coming from me. Well, at least there’s something they are consistent.

I’ve been keeping my anger to myself until last night. I just exploded. I’ve never been lyrical for the past two decades…Tears kept on coming out of my eyes and the grinding of teeth I kept on doing while I verbalize my sentiments. After which was a great relief! I just felt really insubstantial, like a feather dancing with the winds.

I know, I know that that’s so poetic, but that’s how I really felt!

I just hope after all of these experiences I’ll be tougher and wiser. I just hope!
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