Sunday, July 27, 2008
Could this get any cheesier!?

I know, I know! It’s been a month and the only entry I could make is about the cheesiness people could get when they fall in love.

I spent the whole Saturday afternoon watching Ugly Betty and receiving texts from a lot of people. I thought watching Betty fall in love with Henry would be the mushiest I could get, but I was wrong. Remember this guy I was fantasizing myself with? (No, I wasn’t horny that time…I am virginal! Walang connection! Hahaha) He asked me to free my schedule yesterday since he wants to go somewhere. I was betting on Tagaytay, but because of an implausible reason, I turned him down. Was it because of Betty? Was it because of the text messages I received? No, it was because I’ve realized something.

Lemme give you the gist of our so called “love thingy.” Well, before I got acquainted with him he’s already involved in a love affair, but before I discover it myself, he intended to divulge everything to me. You want to know the reason? It’s because he doesn’t want to lose me (Yada yada yada). Is he nuts? The time I knew he’s in a relationship, he already lost me. Well, I guess not totally.

Anyhoo, the realization was undemanding so I shared it with him. After a year of being in the losing end, I texted him, “I want to be honest with you. Every time I think of us, he comes into the picture. I know I can’t have you and you can’t have me as well. It’s really depressing, but that’s the way it is”. Now tell me you know the meaning of EMO! Beat that!

After sending the text message, a coworker subsequently texted me and told me that he broke up with his girlfriend. Perfect timing! I was still experiencing cerebral drama, so I gave him some of my fab advices. One of which is the very unique line which is, “Try talking things out!” Another is, “It isn’t the end of the world yet. Bawal magsuicide!” See, I give good advices.

Luckily, Joe called and told me he’ll drop by. So when he came, I retired from the EMO mode and talked about Levi’s warehouse. I’m planning to go there this coming Saturday, but I’ve something in my schedule maybe some other time.

Ps. I love loving, I just don’t want to be cheesy!

Pps. Okay, I want to be cheesy. It's just not the right time!

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