Saturday, May 05, 2007
A lil of this and that

Lately, my life’s been a mess. Typing that statement makes me question myself. When was it not?

Last month, someone called me telling me that I passed the IQ test Trend Micro gave the whole IT batch. Trend Micro wants me in their office for another test. I was quite shocked since I did not comprehend well when I was answering the exam. Genius eh?

So, I went to their office in 23rd fl of IBM Plaza, Eastwood Libis for a communication test. Of course, I topped the exam! Lemme brag sometimes!

Since I haven’t finished my thesis, and god knows when, I wasn’t able to start training.

After a month of nothing but food, sleep, and a lil turn around, Trend called me again. They asked me if I would like to be interviewed again for another account. They called me again since I was in their short list. I was shocked!

They said after my interview, I will be starting my training on May 15. Without any hesitations, I confirmed on the interview that was supposed to be held last Friday. After a long day of sleep, I thought that it would be hard for me to train and to work on my thesis at the same time. So, I texted the one who called me, uttering my sentiments.

On the day of the interview, somebody called me asking why I didn’t show up on my interview. I then told her that I texted the one who called me yesterday; unfortunately, they weren’t able to receive my text. So I have to repeat my sentiments for the second time. Luckily, my reason was plausible, but the consequence of me not grabbing the opportunity is undergoing the same process I underwent last month. My application was rather invalidated. Viola! I expected that!

Anyway, I’ve decided to just focus on my thesis.. and I will for the nth time!

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