Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Herkut and retards

I got tired with my hair so I went straight to the salon after I went to school. Fortunately, I was not the only person tired of having the same haircut for almost 3 months now. Rozzie gurl and Tonton had their hair done as well.

We went to V|O, short for Victor Ortega. This salon has classy interior, clean cutting instruments and they do hair for as low as fifty pesos. Their services are so cheap making me want to have my hair dyed. I want it red again! Not just burgundy, but real red, but not blood red.

This is my second time visiting V|O. I was satisfied with my hair like the first time I had my hair done there. My haircutter, whom I haven’t known the name, made my hair look like some Korean guy’s hair of the telenovelas of ABS. But my hair looks good. I look good! Haha ;p

After having our haircut, we ate dinner in some random karinderia we found on our way home. The food was not so great. I thought I’d get sick..thank God I didn’t . I’m never coming back to that place. That would be the first and the last time I’ll be eating at karinderias.

Before having our haircut, we stayed at the school’s guidance office. On our idle time, we thought of taking pictures. We ended up having 187 photos. All are wacky shots! We’re like retards on the loose! The photos will tell the story..

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